Journey Start - Marine 1-25 Gallon
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Journey Start - Marine 1-25 Gallon

Marine Journey Start Up Pack

Whether you’ve done this before or this is your first time, enjoy the simplicity of the Blue Shark Journey Start Up to establish water quality for your fish.

 The Marine Journey Start Up Pack will set up the tank’s ability to naturally filter out toxic fish waste, detoxify tap water, and builds a stress free environment for your new fish.

Pack Includes

  • Paradigm – All natural removal toxic chlorine and chloramines from tapwater, immunity boost, and appetite stimulant, creating a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment
  • Colony – Rapidly establishes bio-filtration which rapidly to naturally filter toxic ammonia and nitrite
  • Outbreak! – Consumes organic waste in the tank to maintain clean, pest-free environment
  • Mirage – Clean your glass and acrylic with no worry of harming your fish.  Enjoy your tank in “HD”!
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