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Fish waste is deadly, but thankfully Blue Shark Colony filters toxic ammonia naturally and rapidly.  That’s why it’s the number one cycling product in aquaria.

Utilizing the true nitrifying bacteria, Colony establishes bio-filtration in days instead of weeks.

With specific formulas for freshwater and marine, Colony is the mark of reliability, quality control, and instruction you need to get your bio-filtration established while .

True Nitrifying Bacteria: The Real Thing

Only aerobic autotrophs perform effective bio-filtration of toxic ammonia and nitrite. Having a very slow growth rate, a wait of 6-8 weeks may be required to establish bio-filtration in a new aquarium (aquarium cycling).

Colony effectively speeds up this process, introducing millions of these bacteria all at once.

Colony also provides the basis in understanding bio-filtration for the long run so that you’re always in control of it.


  • To rapidly establish bio-filtration in new aquariums
  • After medicating
  • When adding new livestock
  • Replacing media




Maintain average water temperatures of 23-30°C (74-86°F). For best results, maintain a pH between 7.2–8.0. Always maintain a minimum 90 ppm Total Alkalinity. Systems requiring a pH level below 7.2 should be slowly adjusted after ageing/cycling the system at 7.2–8.0 pH. Shake bottle vigorously to mix bacteria. For average water conditions add 118 ml (4 oz) of ATM ColonyTM Freshwater per 95 L (25 gal) of dechlorinated aquarium water (tap water recommended). Dose entire system volume once. Do not overcrowd tank. Prevent ammonia and nitrite spikes by feeding fish lightly when applying Colony. Monitor ammonia and nitrite levels and slightly increase feeding rate after 4 consecutive days of at, or near, 0 ppm ammonia and nitrite concentrations. Gradually increase to normal feeding levels.

NOTE:  Turn off or unplug UV sterilizers, protein skimmers, and ozone generators prior to and 4-5 days after each introduction of ATM ColonyTM Freshwater. Keep at room temperature and do not allow product to freeze or excede 43°C (110°F). No water changes until after the fourth day when all bacteria has attached.

While not recommended, for fish-less cycling never use more than .5 ppm of ammonia to start.  This is to ensure nitrite levels stay well below the desired levels for a successful rapid cycle.

No refrigeration required. Keep out of reach of children.  Colony has a shelf life of 12 months.


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